Sociotype is a design-led type foundry from London-based creative studio Socio. We make finely crafted retail and custom fonts for print and digital media.

We know all about the challenges designers and their clients face, out in the noisy world. So we make type that stands out, reads beautifully and speaks with an unmistakable voice. Type that simply works.


Design District C1 (Studio 2.4) The Gateway Pavilions Peninsula Square Greenwich Peninsula London SE10 0SQ
020 4538 9118

    Custom Type

    A custom typeface is one of the most powerful ways for a brand to define its identity, articulate its beliefs, and stand apart from the competition. Even the most subtle variations in style and form can significantly affect how we perceive messages and tone of voice, so custom type is always an investment worth considering.

    Unlike most foundries, we offer an integrated approach to typographic and brand identity, in partnership with our sister creative studio, SOCIO. We support businesses of all shapes and sizes, in any language, whatever their requirement.

    Whether we’re developing a new design, or a modification or extension of one of our existing type families, we seek to understand the unique requirements of every commission and will guide you through it step-by-step. Get in touch to find out more.

    Custom Logotype & Typeface for A.N. Other
      Bespoke Logotype for Carvela

        Selected Clients

        • Aather
        • A.N Other
        • Carvela
        • Found Pop
        • Imaginary
        • Kurt Geiger
        • Ron Herman
        • Stock X
        • Wild Nutrition

        Sociotype Team

        • Nic Carter
        • James Cramp
        • Nigel Bates
        • Joe Leadbeater
        • Indiya Tupe

        Web Development

          Sociotype Journal

          Sociotype Journal is our platform for thoughts on culture and society, that also happens to be a type specimen.

          We believe type should start conversations and spread new ideas. Above all, it must communicate. So rather than create our specimens with the customary pangrams or pithy dummy copy, we’ve founded Sociotype Journal; a type specimen, but so much more besides.

          Each issue we invite some interesting people to help us explore a single theme, inspired by (and typeset in) a particular type family from Sociotype. We believe type only really comes alive when it’s engaged with culture, so our contributors are largely from outside the world of type design. Typography may be our bread and butter, but the Journal is only about type insofar as that’s how we tell our stories. The rest is up for grabs.

          Sociotype Journal is also available from selected independent retailers, which can be found here. If you would like to become a stockist, get in touch.


          Design District C1 (Studio 2.4) The Gateway Pavilions Peninsula Square Greenwich Peninsula London SE10 0SQ
          020 4538 9118